Elevation Seminar with Esa Saarinen

“Mini-Paphos” Seminar in English

Design Factory, Aalto University Campus, Otaniemi, Finland

June 13 - June 15, 2013

In the “Mini-Paphos” Elevation Seminar Esa Saarinen applies with full force his unique methodology of uplift, encouragement and gently dynamic lecturing for the benefit of life-philosophical insight and inspiration. The participants can expect major personal breakthroughs and mental leaps forward. The Seminar is for everyone who wants to experience uplift with one’s own thinking. The aim is to bring about out-of-the-box openings in one’s life.

As one of the leading life-philosophical inspirational speakers in Finland for over two decades, Professor Esa Saarinen is known for his accessible, compassionate, and engaging lecturing style. His seminars are free from academic snobbery and consultancy jargon. The purpose is to create a respectful, highly stimulating platform for personal insights and growth, based on the participants’ own creativity empowered by the seminar. 

Experience elevation with Esa Saarinen – your own elevation!  The June seminar is for everyone who wants to dedicate time for discovering the beauty and humanely-based sources of productivity in themselves and their lives in an exceptionally welcoming setting, facilitated by one of leading voices of realist positive thinking in Scandinavia.


Hidden Resources
Magical Uplift
007 Philosophy
Lessons from Kill Bill
Positive Psychology as a Platform for Personal Change
Socratic Principles in One’s Everyday
Why Task List Orientation Is Not Enough
Systems Intelligence Is Common Sense Developed Further
Cornerstones of Contribution
Living to the Full, from One’s Heart, and for the Benefit of Others

The Seminar dates are June 13 (starting at 1 p.m.) - June 15 (closing at 4 p.m.), 2013
The Seminar will be held at the inspiring and innovative Aalto University Design Factory,
Otaniemi, Helsinki, Finland.

The price of the Elevation Seminar is 690 € including VAT 24 % (133,55 €). The price
includes the seminar, coffee servings during the seminar and lunch servings on Friday and
Saturday. Also a celebration dinner will be arranged on Friday evening in Helsinki. The dinner
attendance is voluntary and will be payed separately. You can inform us about Your attendance to
the dinner via the registration form (see below).
Possible travelling and accommodation costs are not included in the seminar price. The
participants will take care of these arrangements individually.

You can register to the Elevation Seminar by filling up a registration form using
this link by May 31st: Registration to the Elevation Seminar June 13 - June 15, 2013
We will send You a confirmation email of Your registration by May 31st.
You can also register by contacting Carol Kiriakos, carol.kiriakos@corendo.fi.
If You have any questions concerning the Elevation Seminar, please contact Carol.